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 Today I want to share with you a recipe that I learned very recently. The truth is that sakuskinas (or sacusquinas) are really good! My son loves them with the sugar glaze. They’re irresistible.


They are not complicated to make, you can make them at home for birthdays, celebrations or simply because you feel like it! That’s how delicious they are, trust me!

Delicious sakuskinas

Another advantage is that we can make them thicker and fill them with pastry cream or with the cream that we most like. This time I didn’t add any filling to them, but I certainly will next time.

So, come on! Let's go to the kitchen.

Ingredients of Sakuskinas:

For the sakuskinas:

250 grams of milk

100 grams of butter

12 grams of sugar

2 grams of salt

150 grams of sifted loose flour

4 whole eggs

For the glaze:

200 grams of sugar

50 ml of water

Preparation of Sakuskinas:

Sift the flour. Add the sugar and salt.

Flour with sugar and salt

Put the milk and the butter in a saucepan. Make sure the butter is in little pieces, more or less the size of a hazelnut. Then, heat it until it boils, but it cannot boil until all the butter has dissolved.

Butter with milk

Once it has boiled, add the flour all at once and mix quickly with a spatula or a kitchen tongue (you cannot use a whisk).


Once we have mixed it, we put it over low heat, stirring constantly until it doesn't stick to the bottom (1 or 2 min. approx.). Remove from the saucepan and put it in a bowl because the saucepan is hot and this would cook the eggs we are going to add.

Mix baked

Add the eggs one by one, beating each one before you incorporate it. Do not add the second one until the dough has absorbed the first one, and so on.

Mix with eggs

The dough will be ready when it is soft and homogeneous. It cannot be liquid, hence the importance of adding the eggs little by little. A way to know that it is ready is to stick the spatula in and take it out. There will be a little bit of dough hanging and it will make a small fall, as if it wanted to stick to the spatula and not remain stiff.

Full mix

Cut the parchment paper into small pieces, put the dough into a piping bag with a curly nozzle and form a doughnut on each piece of paper. I made them thin, but if you want, you can make them thicker.

Dough in curly nozzle form

Add quite a lot of oil into a pot and heat it (it must be very hot). Drop the sakuskinas with the paper into the oil, but with the dough towards the oil. The paper will peel off. Once it has peeled off, remove it and turn the sakuskina until they are golden brown. Then, when taking them out, put them on a plate with a napkin to remove excess oil.

Dough being friedDough being fried 2

Put your sakuskina’s onto another plate to remove the oily napkin and get them ready to be painted with the glaze.

Dough already fried

Now we will prepare the glaze. Put the water and sugar into a pot, and put it over a low heat. Don’t stir and wait until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside and let it cool slightly. Take the sakuskinas and paint them with this glaze.

Dough with glaze

And that is it! I hope you enjoy this sweet and amazing recipe. The sakuskinas are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They have a nice sweet touch thanks to the glaze and I can assure you that you will be liking your fingers!

Sakuskinas finished