Coffee and cookie dessert-cake

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 IF you're looking for a dessert that kids will love, you've found the best one. In my case, it never fails. When I make it at home, they eat it right way... It dissapears! I'm talking about the Coffee and cookie dessert-cake

This dessert can also be made as a cake, and it's delicious. Here in the Canary Islands, it's one of the most common homemade desserts. At home I usually make it many times since my son asks me for it. It is a dessert that always triumphs in birthdays and celebrations.

In addition, it is super easy to make... With only 5 steps, you'll have it done.

Coffee and cookie dessert-cake

As I'm making this recipe I am craving more and more... But there's no more! It's all been eaten. I will have to make more hahah

Delicious coffee and cookie dessert-cake

Let's get to work!

Ingredients for the Coffee and cookie dessert-cake

  • 3-4 cookies packages
  • 800g of condensed milk
  • 2 cans of cream
  • 500ml of coffee
  • Shredded coconut

Preparation of the Coffee and cookie dessert-cake

Put in a bowl the cream and the condensed milk. Stir really well until the two ingredients are well blended, then we add 2 or 3 tablespoon of shredded coconut and stir again.

Cream, condensed milk and coconut
Cream, condensed milk and coconut mixed

Spread the cream on the bottom and sides of the mold where we are going to make it.

Mix around the mould

Heat the coffee, put it on a plate and pour it over the cookies and place them one by one until the mold is covered.

Cookies with coffee
Cookies upon the mix

Cover the cookies with the cream and put back the cookies, then cream again, and so on until the mold is full.

Dessert before going into the refrigerator

Finish with a layer of cream and sprinkle coconut on top, put it about 3 hours in the refrigerator, until it is well chilled and... ready to eat!

Final result

As you have seen, this coffee and cookie dessert-cake does not need an oven and the only thing we have to heat is the coffee.  It is very easy to make.

And that's all! Hope you liked this recipe. Remember to send me a picture of your work through my social media!