IF you're looking for a dessert that kids will love, you've found the best one. In my case, it never fails. When I make it at home, they eat it right way... It dissapears! I'm talking about the Coffee and cookie dessert-cake

This dessert can also be made as a cake, and it's delicious. Here in the Canary Islands, it's one of the most common homemade desserts. At home I usually make it many times since my son asks me for it. It is a dessert that always triumphs in birthdays and celebrations.

In addition, it is super easy to make... With only 5 steps, you'll have it done.

Coffee and cookie dessert-cake

Once again, I bring you all a recipe for chocolate lovers (have you guessed I’m one of them yet?). It’s the first time I try to do these assorted truffles, but it definitely won’t be the last. It’s a very easy dessert to make, and I will explain how to do it step by step! There’s nothing like a homemade recipe.

Assorted truffles

 If you like meat, this is the perfect recipe for you. Meatballs! They are delicious.


 This tuna empanadilla is really versatile. You can change the filling to anything you like! You can try it with my finger-licking shredded chicken recipe too if you like! Link

Tuna empanadilla

 I absolutely adore cakes! Especially ones with chocolate, I find them irresistible and I can never turn them down. They’re my weakness! So, today I will show you how to prepare this delicious homemade Sacher cake, step by step, with a simple recipe.

Sacher cake

 This time I will bring to you a traditional spanish recipe, but… with a twist! We will be stuffing it as if the omelette was a sandwich. I promise it’s delicious. This homemade recipe is mouth watering and will give you a taste of the typical spanish cuisine while experimenting a little bit in the kitchen! Read how to make the stuffed Spanish omelette!

Stuffed Spanish omelette

This homemade recipe is definitely something any chocolate lover will enjoy. It’s simply delicious, smooth, creamy and, obviously, chocolatey. A dark chocolate mousse

Dark chocolate mousse