Today I am going to explain how to make shredded chicken. This recipe is ideal to accompany other dishes like inside sandwiches or fajitas. However, it can also be eaten on its own. I use it as a base for many of my dishes! In this case we are going to give it a personal touch.

Shredded chicken

 I’m sure we are all a huge fan of pizza. I mean, how can you not be? The melted cheese, the fluffy dough… Well this chicken and cheese pizza is definitively a game changer. I assure you that when you make it, you will be drooling because of how tasty it is! Sometimes, less is more. Few ingredients, well combined, result in a pizza that makes you want to eat more and more.

Chicken and cheese pizza

This canarian style flan is also known as a quesillo, and it’s the best dessert ever! It’s smooth and incredibly flavourful. Definitively irresistible! I will show you this homemade recipe step by step, and with lots of love. Here in the Canary Islands it’s a typical dessert to have at any restaurant! 

Quesillo (canarian style flan)

I always thought that making profiteroles filled with coffee cream was extremely complicated, that’s why I would always buy them. However, I have discovered that this couldn’t be any further than the truth! I have a very easy recipe that I want to share with you all, homemade and step by step, so that you can surprise everyone with these incredible flavours!

Profiteroles filled with coffee cream

This homemade recipe is finger-licking good! These shredded chicken fajitas with cheese are my weakness. They're so versatile, you can add any filling to them depending on the ingredients you have at hand, and they’re an amazing meal to make when you’re out of ideas.

Shredded chicken fajitas with cheese